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Sunny Ariel's heartwarming story of love and forgiveness spans countries, culture and consciousness.  Our ordinary sense of the horizon between life and death is wonderfully expanded and forever altered. SHALOM MY LOVE blazes new trails, teaching us how all of life is connected and that forgiveness is the key to peace.

                  Julie Gillentine author, MESSENGERS

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SHALOM MY LOVE is an amazing true story written with humor and passion with a message for everyone from a caring and loving soul. After death communications are older than written history, and despite our cultural discomfort with death, two in five Americans over 40 million people - have experienced contact with the dead.

SHALOM MY LOVE is a true story of forgiveness and unconditional love opens in the mid-eighties when Sunny Ariel begins a astonishing relationship with Gadi, a cinematographer in Israel. From the start their relationship is intense and passionate and the lovers live utterly in the moment when they are together. Gadi calls this time ‘drops of magic’.

In 1989 Gadi joins Sunny in a session with a psychic named Miriam. Gadi tells them that the only time he feels truly safe is when he’s in a helicopter. Then, a few weeks later, the unthinkable happens. Gadi, age 45, is killed in a helicopter crash while filming “Delta Force II” in the Philippines.    Read Excerpts

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The next day, Miriam calls the stunned Sunny to say that Gadi needs to communicate with her from the other side, and here is where a unique relationship becomes truly extraordinary. “Don’t forget our drops of magic” he tells the astonished Sunny.

Gadi’s continued relationship with her - not just through mediums, but directly, through her own pen - forces Sunny to radically shift in understanding the power of spirit as the illusions of loss and death slip away. Together with Gadi and his new found guidance she shares with us his amazing revelation: when we pass on to the other side, the only question we will be asked has to do with the amount of love we have in our hearts.

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In Memorandum

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