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Shalom my Love

Sunny Ariel was born in Liverpool, England. She holds a BA in English Literature from Philadelphia's Temple University. She started her career on Madison Avenue and has created promotional and publicity campaigns for a variety of clients, including Finnair Airlines, Vidal Sassoon, and Leonard Bernstein. She then held the position of Marketing Director at the Jewish Publication Society. Later, she formed an advertising and public relations agency in Jerusalem and published a weekly newspaper in Israel.

Her life changed drastically in 1989, when her lover ,cinematographer Gadi Danzig , was killed in the helicopter crash during the filming of Delta Force II in the Philippines. She began to examine the very core of her existence and question what death really is. She is currently working on the film adaptation based on her books Shalom my Love and Drops of Magic. She currently divides her time between Bellingham WA and Rio Rancho NM, where her two grandsons reside. Visit her websites &

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