Shalom my Love
by Sunny Ariel

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and had someone told me 10 years ago, that I would be writing and talking about my ongoing relationship with a dead guy, I would have never believed it. My story starts with Shalom my Love, and continues with Drops of Magic. If there is one thing that I am sure about today it's this: There is no death. And our loved ones on the other side are ready to come to us.  All we have to do is ask. And they will come: through dreams, sudden insights, a song on the radio or a sunset. You can sit down with a notebook and ask them questions. And allow the answers come through your pen. And they will!  Happy trails!

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Reviews of Shalom my Love

Review from New-Age Publishers Retailers Association (NAPRA)
  Review Vol. 10, NO. 3
SHALOM MY LOVE: The Story of a True Love that Bridges Heaven and Earth - by Sunny Ariel.
  ISBN:0-932482-90-2, Sapphire House Publishers

Gadi was an intense and vital man, a successful Israeli filmmaker, and Ariel's passionate lover, until his life suddenly ended in a helicopter crash while filming in the Philippines.  This is Ariel's story, not only of their life together, but of her ongoing relationship with him after his death. It is also a story of what it is to be Jewish in the New-Age, as Ariel shares her own spiritual journey.  Transmission from Gadi, flashbacks to earlier experiences, Ariel's conversations with family and friends, all weave together in a lively and inspiring presentation.  Gadi's "last word" is an apt summation of the spirit of this book: "I have only a mind and spirit, but I have constant joy, something I did not have when I had a body. But you guys have the potential of having it all, once you truly understand that love is all about letting go of fear."  AM

Shalom my Love 10 years on....
I just had to buy this book after getting to know its author Sunny Ariel.
And it does not disappoint!
Sunny has a delicious way of writing that engages and connects with her reader - this was one book that had to be read right through in one sitting as I so wanted to follow her story right through.
And what a story she has to tell - compelling and even breathtaking of course. But also written with deep love, self-awareness and insight into the "bigger picture".
Do get this book - Sunny does that rare thing of making her own experiences relevant and fascinating to the wider world.

~Shelagh Jones,
 Goole, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

All Things are Possible

Endearing, funny,rich and generous. I happened upon this book quite by accident, and was deeply moved by the parallels in my own experiences.
 I lost a friend over 25 years ago, and have been visited by him ever since. I have had a hard time believing it was "real" in the beginning.
 Sunny's honesty confirmed so much for me and helped me see that these relationships can/do exist for all of us and are not a figment of our imagination.
 Our loved ones never really leave us...rather transition to another state of being where they can still love and support us.
 It came to me at a time when I really needed this confirmation.It brings peace to the hearts of anyone who has lost a loved one.
 Thank you Sunny, for having the courage to share your story.

~ KWM,
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Endless Love

Sunny Ariel's "Shalom, My Love," is a moving, funny and wise account of the power of love to transcend time and space. When the author's lover, Gadi, is killed in a helicopter crash, the grieving woman begins receiving communiques from her departed dear one. There ensues an ongoing correspondence that is sometimes beautiful, sometimes haunting, sometimes comical but always fascinating. This is not an idealized portrait of two perfect protagonists. They are flawed. They are real. They are us. And they remind us with stunning clarity that what matters most are not the riches we amass or the glory we attain, but the love we create here on Earth...and beyond. Highly recommended.

~Burt Kempner
Gainsville, Florida, USA

Must Read!

Whether you are a skeptic to spirituality, or a hardcore believer, this book is a must read for all. It pushes your limits and conventional belief systems, and exposes you to a new dimension of possibilities. Hope does not die and Sunny Ariel has written this book in a easy to read way, injecting doses of humor that will have you laughing out loud with a beautiful story woven in and out of insights through a broad knowledge from other author's work. This is a book which opens your eyes and gives the assurance, we are okay just as we are.

~Joyti Bharaj
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Read, Enjoy...Transform

Using human interpersonal relationships as a vehicle for enlightenment and progressive social change, Sunny Ariel shares her personal quest for greater soul integration. Shalom My Love is a riveting account of a love affair that redefines spiritual fulfillment. Offering thought- provoking possibilities, the author shares vital information, embracing the inherent natural perfection that is our shared birthright. Steeped in magic, mystery and intrigue, Shalom My Love paints a glowing portrait of the beauty of the infinite journey, honoring the exquisite process of forgiveness. Read, enjoy....transform!

~Loren Lewisohn
Los Angeles, California, USA

Amazing Story

Not only is this an amazing true story, I believe it can help you overcome fear of death.
It is a very personal story, written in the most candid and sincere way.
I am convinced, "no one you love ever dies"

~Natalie Hartgers
Almelo, The Netherlands

Wonderfully Engaging!

Sunny's writing style is wonderfully engaging - as if she were telling her story over coffee rather than in print. Her unabashed candor is refreshing and offers powerful relatability to the reader.

The timing of her book is perfect, too, for it contains messages that humanity needs to hear. She weaves such wisdom throughout her tale, one completes the last page with far more than just an engrossing read.

It was a pleasure to read "Shalom my Love." Sunny has good reason to be proud of her work.

~Kitty & Gale Connell 
Nederland. Colorado, USA



It takes a lot of courage for anyone to write in a way that makes them vulnerable to their readers. Sunny Ariel shares her life, her loves and her spiritual quest with the world in this ground-breaking work. This book is destined to be one of the classics on gaining self-awareness and moving into one's personal power.

I found it interesting how Ms Ariel was able to use astrology and related "sciences" to show the interconnection of people in her life. It is compelling evidence that there are forces for good at work in our lives.

In all, despite the pain and suffering that Ms Ariel went through in her life with the loss of her beloved Gadi, she was able to find her way through the darkness into a world of eternal life and LOVE. And she takes the reader with her in this magnificent journey through the power of her compelling words and writing style. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.

~Patricia Koon
Lummi Island, Washington, USA

A wonderful true story of one women's spiritual journey

Shalom my Love is a true story of one woman's spiritual journey. It follows her quest to find out the spiritual meaning of her life. She allows us to peak at her life in the most personal terms, knowing that this is the only way that we will understand her journey. It is a metaphysical book and the author exposes us to her metaphysical views. Which is a good thing because she is very aware. We learn from this book. We learn about love, forgiveness, the transcendence of love beyond death, and the importance of spirituality in our day-to-day lives.

The story is multi-faceted. The main story is about the author's spiritual journey. Inter-mixed in this journey is an amazing sub-text of a relationship that is on-going--even though her love, Gadi Danzig, died in 1989, while filming Delta Force II. They remain in contact to this day because of his desire to help her with her journey. Their love truly has transcended death.

Shalom my Love is one of the best books that I have ever read regarding reincarnation, and yet that is only one facet of this immensely satisfying book. Another facet of this story are all of the relationships that the author exposes us. We learn how she deals with her parents, daughter, grand parents, and the men in her life. Because of her spiritual quest, the relationships in her life must revolve around her spirituality. For instance, everyone in her life relates to her as if she is half- nuts, because they question her beliefs. But by the end of the book you realize that her spirituality has led her to a gratifying life. You also learn how it is possible to live a metaphysical lifestyle, even when those that you love disapprove.

This book is loaded with spiritual insights and tidbits of information that she has learned along the way. It is not just about her experiences, although they play a major role in the book. It also about what she has learned along the way. Her wisdom is a fount of knowledge and worth reading for that alone. It is a great read and very refreshing. When you are finished you will thank the author. You will thank her for showing the way.

~Reviewed by Donald D. Durrett,
 Redding, CA, USA  
Author of Conversations With an Immortal

SHALOM MY LOVE takes over where the film GHOST ends, but it is a much stronger story, for it offers hope to everybody and reassures us that we are not alone. SHALOM MY LOVE is a story that can truly change the world.”

- Susan Mears, Literary Agent, UK

As we wonder about and wander through this transition on Planet Earth, Sunny has managed in her own life to show the hardships which we endure, along with the humor of it.  When you think things can't get any worse for her she throws in a spark of humor which relieves the pain of it all.
Shirley MacLaine opened our eyes with Out on a Limb and Sunny Ariel opens our hearts with Shalom my Love.

~Bonnie Lange
San Diego, CA
Truth Seeker
Oldest Freethought Publication since 1873   

"You are now an elder,and have much wisdom to share with everyone. Your words and film will touch millions of people."
~Althea Hughes Wills, Intuitive Reading for Sunny, Jan. 2009

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