x Message from Sunny - Heart Empowerment Events

In 1984 I met a woman on the street in Tel Aviv. She handed me a book and told me that it was meant for me .I opened it up to this line which became the driving force in my spiritual growth.  It said:
“When humans act unlovingly to themselves, or to others, there will be pain, as a reminder that love is not present.”
As the Berlin Wall was crumbling –after living in Israel for 12 years – and shortly after my beloved Gadi was killed in a helicopter crash – I realized that it was time to leave.  And once again a teacher appeared. He said: “You are meant to be working in the new.  In a few years films, books, television and yes, even the way we communicate with one another, will be totally changed.  People will be searching for true spirituality and you will be a beacon of light for them.”  A teacher had appeared, but this pupil was not yet ready.

When I read Barbara Marciniak’s BRINGERS OF THE DAWN, there were the Pleadians suggesting that we ask to be a living example of what humanity is capable of becoming. And so I did.
There were other books and teachers, healers, friends and lovers – and lately grandsons. Each giving me a precious piece of a puzzle I didn’t even realize I was slowly assembling.
It was in New Mexico that I met Kathleen Casey.  She saw my picture on a poster promoting my book signing at Barnes and Noble and decided that she had to meet me.  And from the get-go, I acquired a very special soul sister.  Kathleen’s work with our Awakened Ancestors led her to facilitate lineage clearings.  Her work with sounds of sacred gong, bells/bowls and our own voices balances and integrates inner polarity and helps to move us out of duality consciousness. At the conclusion of an Albuquerque workshop I organized, I received a phone call from my daughter who had been estranged from me for months.  And after her latest event, just by joining in remotely, I heard from my grandson whom I had not spoken with for over a month.  Kathleen’s new blog is www.soundalchemykc.com

As a Gemini I like to have two of everything and meeting Mary Leary gave me my second soul sister.  . She cried when she met me because she immediately recognized our soul connection.  I tell people that Mary is just like Edgar Cayce, except she doesn’t need to go to sleep to give you a reading.  An audio clairvoyant, Mary is uniquely gifted in the clearing and facilitating of family lineages, emotional blockages, spiritual awakenings and DNA activations.  One of the first things she told me was that I’d been out of my body most of my life. These past years, living as a ‘spiritual nomad’  have been all about integrating and evolving through commitment, devotion and the constant nurturing of my soul and spirit. And opening my heart.
Today I know that our true purpose is to awaken and share our inner light and to transform our soul in unison with others.  It is my joy to bring these two magical mamas back to the land of my birth (yes, I’m a Limey!) for a series of Heart Empowerment Events scheduled in the UK for January and February, 2010.  Please email me if you’d like to host an event or attend one. Or if you’d like more information.  info@sapphirehouse.com  

Right after my book Shalom my Love came out I was invited to a Metaphysical event in London.   At the table next to mine was spiritual healer, clairvoyant and author Shimara Kumara.  She told me I was ‘the Vera Lynn of the New Age.’ Indeed, the meeting place in ‘We’ll Meet Again’, at some unspecified time in the future would have been seen by many who lost loved ones to be heaven. If it is indeed my small role to assist in bringing heaven to earth as together we create a divinely blessed infinitely abundant new world, sign me up!

Only love,