Shelagh Jones

I was not at all sure what to expect when I had my reading with Mary –we talked on the phone, as I am in the UK.
What I did not expect was that she would uncover and bring to the light something that has been hidden from me since my earliest childhood.

What was so incredibly helpful was that she was able to interpret and lead me to understand what she was being shown to her.
And more than that, she was able to guide me to ways to bring this new awareness into my life, and build on the initial experience.

For me, it was all about sound, silence and connecting to my pre-language self. All of which was new for me.
And I can see how this is now playing out in my life and my business, giving me more confidence that I am finally doing what I am here to do, learning what I am here to learn, and teaching what I am here to teach.
All of which is wonderful gift for which I am truly grateful.


Shelagh Jones founded and runs Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory, the Business Directory that connects customers and businesses through shared values using Law of Attraction.

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